Friday, February 21, 2014

How to Find True Love - 3 Tips to Protecting True Love Before and After Nearly Divorcing or Breaking Up

I knew I found true love...

The warm breath on my neck as my man said good night in my ear was comforting and very satisfying to me. He thought I was asleep but was wrong. I just lied there enjoying him moving close to me as gentle as possible to avoid awakening me.

I turned around, embraced him and gave him a deep kiss on the mouth. I told him I loved him very much and couldn't be happier. We made passionate love than fell asleep.

3 Months Earlier...

Not but 3 months earlier we were at each others throats and heading toward breaking up. We over talked each other and argued everyday. We were fortunate to find a resource that taught us  how to understand and communicate with each other in a loving and respect way.

3 Tips To Protecting True Love

1. Being in a good relationship takes hard work everyday until the effort feels natural. We make the extra effort in the beginning of the relationship not realizing it is the key to a long passionate relationship should we continue the way we began.
2. Be honest and say the things to your partner you want to hear yourself. Telling your spouse that you love them and why shouldn't make you uncomfortable; saying it a different way everyday until it feels natural will force your relationship into a new level of love you may have never experienced before this effort. You will see that your partner as they make the effort to do the same.
3. Both partners must make a commitment  to learn how to communicate respectfully and listen to each others concerns without judging. This can be taught with the right relationship advice; if you knew what to do, you would not be here. No worries we did not go to school for relationships, if we did there would be far less divorces.

The love you have is only true if you are free and brave enough to be true to your relationship. Don't allow ego stop you from finding, strengthening and protecting true love in your relationship. It is a myth that true love last forever without work. Without purposeful work your true love will die leaving you with regrets, baggage and heartache. You now have learned how to find true love; not get your love and enjoy life with the right relationship advice.