Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips To Win Your Ex - What To Avoid

These tips to getting your ex back may seem obvious but they happen everyday. When we are upset we react from an emotional point of view. When you act from your emotions you can very quickly ruin all of your chances of ever getting your ex back.

 When we experience a breakup or seperation and become full of anger and anxiety we begin to do the craziest things to Win Your Ex Back! We become stalkers and probably said terrible things we could never take back. If you want to win your ex back you will first have to undo everything that happened before and after the breakup.But no worries I have seen people get back together after cheating and stealing. If you have the right words and commitment you can get your ex back.

5 Tips On Getting Your Ex BacK
What to Avoid!!
  1. Drunk Dialing/texting
  2. Yelling/profanity
  3. Stalking
  4. Unannounced show-ups
  5. False promises
As you can see this is not attractive at all and can undermine the whole relationship. Refrain from all of this activity and learn how to rekindle trust and by all means stay in control. If you remember these important tips to getting your ex back you may have a chance. You can Win Your Ex Back by first letting go and learning some relationship strategies that will open the doors to your lovers heart.