Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How To Fix A Relationship

So sorry if you’re here you are probably having problems saving your relationship. There is no doubt that you will suffer greatly if your relationship should fail. 

I know what a frustrating time you may be having. I and many have experienced the same or similar feelings when trying to save a relationship.

I remember a time in my past relationship when I had a big misunderstanding with my boy friend and thought that the problem would disappear if I ignored it.

We became more distant and grew apart. He later said that things were not working out and moved on. I felt helpless and wanted to prevent the same thing from happening in future relationships.

I was always concerned about relationship issues but never knew how to avoid or handle them with care until now. I learned how to fix a relationship before it needed saving. 

How to Fix a Relationship By Avoiding Relationship Conflicts

  • Always keep eye contact when talking or you will be though of as being uninterested and not caring.
  • Never say "It's your fault". Placing blame will make a person not emotionally trust you or shut down.
  • Always call or give notice when you  have to break a promise. This shows you care.

I not only saved my dying relationship 6 months later, got engaged and are helping friends in their relationship.
This is really not about getting your ex back but about how to be in a relationship with the knowledge and skills to act accordingly to disappointments and misunderstanding that can hurt and end our relationships.

Those of us that have already made a mess of things need helpful relationship advice now to fix your relationship before we breakup or we want to get back together after a breakup. Either way we need real help we could use now.