Sunday, December 18, 2011

How To fix Your Relationship And have Good Sex

Do you need to fix your relationship? How was your sleep last night? I slept well unlike others that are having on going problems in their relationship.

Most relationship problems come from the inability to communicate our feelings effectively leaving you to fake your way through a seemingly happy union.

Once you can become better expressing your feelings you can begin to enjoy better sex, sleep, and a happier relationship.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

How To Get Your Girlfriend Back Making Passionate Love To You

How to get a girlfriend back in passion for you. You don't feel the passion or sexy anymore. I know how you must feel. I've been there too. In a relationship that you can,t get your girl to be passionate about making love too you.
The days are great as long as your occupied but when you crave romance it's just not happening.

When your feeling lonely and sex less in the same house as your girl going bananas is not going to help.Doing whatever it takes to restore the passion in the bedroom is the right action plan. It is your duty to learn how to get your girl back feeling like making love to you, your sex life depends on it.

Ask yourself these 3 questions first.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Magic of Making Up Review- See If It Really Works

Who Is The Man Behind The Magic Of Making Up?
This is a review about The Magic Of Making Up which is an ebook that has helped thousands of couples come together or safely and respectfully part.
T W Jackson better known as T Dub is the creator of  this relationship book that has grown tremendously since 2008. He has a real down to earth way of taking you by the hand and teaching you how to talk, understand and deal with potential relationship issues. 
You will have knowledge and real advice that will allow you to have the confidence you  never knew possible in any realationship.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How To Get Your Ex Back And What You Need To Know To Make It Happen

If you want to know how to get your ex back into your life after you've tried everything. I'm glad your here.

I just want to share with you one very important thing you can do now. Stop pleading, begging and promising that you will change and just do it.

1st Thing You Need To Know To Get Your Ex Back

Everything you've been doing has to stop. Your just confirming your ex that dumping you was the right thing to do. Learn the proper conflict strategies to play it cool.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Advice On How To Get Your Ex Back And Fix A Broken Relationship

Going through a break up and trying to get your ex back can be very stressful and cause high anxiety. But when you think all has failed and your loosing the love of your life, you panic and do crazy things that don't seem to help anyway.

I have been in that situation and finally decided I needed help and went searching for the help in every book, blog, and forum. I decided that if I keep ending up in this situation I will have to improve myself. I did find that help and never looked back. 

Today I am reflecting on how my life has changed for the better and want to share this information with you that I learned from this ebook.

Friday, April 22, 2011

How to Get Your Ex Back and Fix Your Broken Relationship Without The Drama

If you want to know how to fix your broken relationship with your girlfriend , after you tried everything. I'm glad your here. I just want to share with you one very important thing you can do now. Stop pleading, begging and promising that you will change.

1st Thing You Need To Know To Get Your Ex Back

Everything you've been doing has to stop. Your just confirming you ex that dumping you was the right thing to do.

Most men make promises that are very sincere at the time, but end up as broken promises upon getting back into the relationship. Your girlfriend is fed up with the lies, and want out. She already took you back several times just to see if you would change but you didn't.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How To Save Your Relationship With Your Ex Girlfriend Back After A Bad Breakup

Breaking up with a girlfriend could be traumatic and embarrassing to your ego and very painful to your self esteem. But do you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back because of love or control?

In most cases most realize how much their life would change without their ex in it. However before trying to win her back you should take time to evaluate things before making that decision.

5 Steps To Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

  1. Step away to think, calm down, and allow her and you to let your guard down.  
  2. Stop all communications (stalking, texting, unexpected visits)  
  3. Allow her to miss you.  
  4. Learn something new for yourself to improve your self esteem.  
  5. Stay well groomed.

Taking care of yourself and seeming moving on will take her off guard and allow your ex to think of you. Your ex girlfriend expects you to act like a fool until you get her back. Don't do this, this can push her further away and make her believe breaking up was the right thing to do.

 5 Tips To Keep Your Girl

  1. Make girlfriends concerns your concerns.  
  2. Listen and respond with care.  
  3. Have scheduled dates.  
  4. Don't break promises or call to cancel them.  
  5. Give compliments on appearance.(be sincere)

If your girlfriend or you have not been getting along or not respecting one another, why are you fighting to reunite? Think about if you should get back with your girlfriend or not. You are certainly worth making the right decision

Are you willing to commit to making the relationship a priority? If so you are on the right track. If you are a control freak and don't really like women and the only way to get want you want is lying, force, and manipulation you will always be left.

If this is you there are bigger problems to work out to help you enjoy your life and a great spouse and that involves loving yourself first.

If you want to win your ex girlfriend back don't go through a whole lot of dramatics. Tantrum do not get women! A strong controlled man does, not controlling and crazy!

If your screaming, harassing and blowing up her text messenger and answer service you are pushing her further away. Do you think acting out is appealing? This will not get back your woman. Maintaining a healthy relationship starts with changes you will first have to make yourself. You will attract what you become. What are you willing to do to get your ex girlfriend back?

I know relationships are tough at times and getting through the rough patch seems impossible. There is help that many before you received that fixed their relationships when it seemed hopeless.  In "The Magic Of Making Up" you can learn how to control the frustration and anxiety your feeling by using techniques on pg 13 while learning how to reconnect with your ex on pg 43.

Magic Of Making Up was very helpful to me. See why this ebook is so special and finally get learn how to save your relationship with your girlfriend.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How Do You Get Your Ex Boyfriend To Love You Back

We have all gone through the same problems in relationships. We want to know how to get your boyfriend to love you back but he seems to be moving farther and farther away. Many men change because they want the fun no pressure relationship they had in the beginning.

Of course these expectations are unreasonable. We want the great attentive boyfriend that told us how hot we are and how they can't wait to see us. 

Well the answer is right in front us, we have to make an effort to make our lovers feel as wanted now as in the beginning. If your actions have shifted your ex boyfriends attention away from you, I advise you to turn up the attention to get back what you are missing. 

Don't forget to tell your love how you miss the way he used to chase you too. When he see's your still hot for him he will reciprocate! Now That's How To Get Your Boyfriend Back!

I know that is what you want to hear but in the real world it is unhealthy to want an ex back that doesn't care about you. Get a relationship book such as the popular The Magic of Making Up. 

Read it cover to cover several times and learn how a great couple works out their problems. This book is for both parties to read to be able to communicate with respect and avoid unnecessary breakups over and over again in the future. 

Let your ex walk if they can't read The Magic Of Making Up for the possibility of making up for a better relationship.