Sunday, November 17, 2013

How to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Making a long distance relationship work has got to be one of the hardest test of infidelity their is for a new couple or a couple in trouble. But if you are a couple that loves and respects one another and understand that being apart has its purpose you can make this a relationship work.

You must be honest with each other and wholeheartedly agreed to maintain your relationship regardless of distance. You will also understand that it will take a clear cut schedule to share thoughts and conversations on a regular schedule.

Most people in a long distance relationships are separated because of work, school, military or incarceration. This is no reason why a committed relationship should have problems. But many do such as finance and loneliness especially in the case of incarceration when a couple was not sufficiently prepared. Being apart can serve a great purpose and that is to satisfy the reason why you are separated in the first place. No matter why you are apart, there is a reason and it must be done.

It is unfair to make either partner feel guilty when they are helpless to comfort you from a distance. You are in a situation of extreme trust and consideration of each other and always show gratitude whenever you talk. Increasing the feeling of love and gratitude help forging a stronger relationship and union.

Making your spouse feel abandoned can be eliminated when you plan a way to stay connected you both can rely on. The worse thing you can do is not communicate on a regular basis. Staying connected will make you feel more secure and loved.

5 Tips to Staying Connected With Your Partner or Spouse

  1. Regular scheduled calls.
  2. Weekly letters.Video Chats
  3. Do something special for partner. Love notes, say "I love you", pics etc
  4. Read favorite book together.
  5. Date on or
  6. Weekly  phone "date on the tow" or "phone sex".

The Best Things To Do When Separated

  1. Learn something new.
  2. Catch up on favorite books.
  3. Visit old friends and family.
  4. Exercise
  5. Learn to cook new meals.

The Worse Things To Do When Separated

  • Putting yourself in a compromising positions can cause you personal problems and should be avoided. If you don't want your spouse to so something, that is a clear indication that you shouldn't.
  • Not communicate. It is always good to communicate your feelings. Your partner may get the wrong impression if you don't feel like talking when you have simply had a bed day or on a tight schedule.
  • Break schedule without cause.
  • Agree to never hang up during a debate or argument in a long distance relationship, this will cause more harm than good. Try to find a compromise instead.
  • Never start an argument, always talk about the real issue.
  •  CHEAT
I hope this will help you in your long distance relationship.Making the time away as special as possible can be challenging and we can easily run out of things we want to talk about. This can happen in same city and same household relationships also.  

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