Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Relationship Advice For Men: 3 Relationship Killers You May Be Guilty Of

After talking to countless women and some personal experience, I realize that some men just don't have a clue to keeping their woman happy outside the bedroom and sometime inside the bedroom. They drop the ball from bad timing, lack of foreplay to hygiene issues. Of course this can go for women too, but I'm talking to the men for now.

I will not insult you by spending to much time on the obvious red flags but here we go... Red flags are the opposite of foreplay; when they exist, breakups, cheating and arguments are sure to follow. If you don't have a clue you may be wondering why your mate left, isn't in the mood or wonder why sex isn't the same.

  • Disrespect (vulgar, insulting and just plain rude behavior) 
  • Selfish Behavior inside and outside of the bedroom. Having sex is great but having what gives you pleasure is just as important as giving what pleases the recipient.
  • Neglect happens when a person becomes satisfied and comfortable. Never stop doing what you did to get your honey/boo; in a relationship or marriage. Taking someone for granted sends the wrong message and about time you realize it you could be alone not knowing why.
That being said, let's get to the topic on hand. Sometime we are the last to know or never know why our relationship ends. Here are some reasons why a many leave a situation regardless of how wonderful and caring a person is. Your friends will tell you that it is their loss but you are in the dark and have lost and need some answers that will help. 

3 Relationship Killers

Just think of me as your mother, auntie or life coach. I will not stir you wrong and we need to talk... Below is great relationship advice for men you may not be aware of.

1. Bad Timing - When your excited about a person or too comfortable in a relationship you stop considering what they have going on with their life. You send countless text, show up unannounced and call unreasonable hours just to hear their voice; this can be a turn off.

 If this person is a student or someone that has responsibilities they will see you as a distraction and needy. See what the other person has going on with their life and try to be an accent. Be mindful of their down time when making calls and setting up dates.

 Be considerate during illnesses, personal tragedies and regular activities that may leave your honey/ boo exhausted or sad before asking for sex. 

Always remember, being interested in what's going on is your honey/boos life and use it as a map to guide you in your actions. Being concerned is a turn on and will make you more irresistible and unlike others.

2. Hygiene - A person with questionable body odor can send even the worst catch running. Bad breath and sweaty private areas is repulsive and embarrassing to address. Your potential relationship may have been sent running and you may not even know why. 

Daily showers is not enough. Before going on a date shower and brush again and by all means get in between really really good.

Some people have gastrointestinal issues and can't help their bad breath; others are just inconsiderate. Don't be the later.See a doctor or consider natural remedies such as using sugar free mints because sugar enhances bad breath.Always brush and practice oral hygiene. Clean teeth and fresh breath enhances future kisses and more.

If you enjoy oral sex, having a  fresh pair will insure you more action in that area. Many men don't know that dangerous bacteria grows between the skin and your boys during the day that can give your recipient a sore throat that will make playing with you seem like a death sentence and beside who wants to play with sweaty smelly balls? Get it together. 

Always brush, shower and lather up the boys, if you want to stay in a relationship. Bad hygiene is a deal breaker and can end a good thing.

3. Foreplay - Many think that foreplay is the kissing and raising their eyebrows when they are feeling frisky. This only works sometimes and will not continue. You are your best secret for having great sex for the long term. Making your honey/boo or sexual attraction feel amazing when ever you talk or spend time is like paying for car insurance; there when you need it most. 

Helpful when needed without having to ask. Don't make promises you don't keep; women store this stuff up. Give compliments that are sincere and not just when you want sex. It's obvious. Be on time or call; this will make them feel important on a psychological level. 

Showing genuine consideration is a secret aphrodisiac and certainly the real foreplay before the normal foreplay begins. This is why the bad boys finish last and the real men end up winners in the end.

 Women use bad boys for the same reason the bad boys use them; but if you want a real relationship make your honey/boo feel cared about and start the loving way before the sexual act begins. Improve your timing by learning about their life. Always practice good hygiene women love this and by all means show consideration always to continue a long exciting relationship with plenty of perks. 

Check out these two relationship guides and grab one for yourself. Women grow up and realize what's better for them in the long run and will ditch the one wasting their time. Don't let it be you.