Friday, December 20, 2013

10 Tips On Fixing A Broken Relationship in - How To Fix a Broken Relationship Consulting Advice Therapist are Afraid Of

A room full of silent and politeness without words is not a healthy sign of a good relationship. Communication, no matter the situation is what keeps us connected.

When your relationship was new you sent love messages and told each other how you could never live without one another. You believed that life as you knew it was better as long as your had each other. What happened?

Most likely you moved in together and started to see the real person behind your affections when you  began to live together. Dealing with finances and responsibilities can be harmful to a relationship if you don't know how to communicate effectively as a couple.
  • Bad Habits
  • Bills
  • Children
There are so many things that can happen to make you view your partner differently. But the truth is this can happen over and over again with anyone you meet.  As you know people will  be quick to tell you that the honey moon is over, but I disagree. You have just entered a more mature love level and have to learn how to play the game.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

How to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Making a long distance relationship work has got to be one of the hardest test of infidelity their is for a new couple or a couple in trouble. But if you are a couple that loves and respects one another and understand that being apart has its purpose you can make this a relationship work.

You must be honest with each other and wholeheartedly agreed to maintain your relationship regardless of distance. You will also understand that it will take a clear cut schedule to share thoughts and conversations on a regular schedule.

Most people in a long distance relationships are separated because of work, school, military or incarceration. This is no reason why a committed relationship should have problems. But many do such as finance and loneliness especially in the case of incarceration when a couple was not sufficiently prepared. Being apart can serve a great purpose and that is to satisfy the reason why you are separated in the first place. No matter why you are apart, there is a reason and it must be done.

It is unfair to make either partner feel guilty when they are helpless to comfort you from a distance. You are in a situation of extreme trust and consideration of each other and always show gratitude whenever you talk. Increasing the feeling of love and gratitude help forging a stronger relationship and union.

Making your spouse feel abandoned can be eliminated when you plan a way to stay connected you both can rely on. The worse thing you can do is not communicate on a regular basis. Staying connected will make you feel more secure and loved.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Romantic Ideas For Couples Who Want to Stay Together For a Lifetime - 7 Hot Romantic Ideas to Keep Those Fires Burning

How's your love life? In the beginning of new relationships we are engulfed it the the allure of a new relationship and new experiences. Every word is special and every smile is incredible.
Enjoying the newness of a relationship ends in 3 to 6 months then it becomes comfortable and after a year of knowing each other we enter a more mature love or boredom.
Now that your a couple and have learned just about everything there is about each other, it's time to nurture your mature love by making an effort to keep the romance alive takes precedence everyday.
Being romantic doesn't mean having sexual relations everyday, it just means making your union a peaceful, enjoyable and complimentary making sexual relations much more enjoyable when the time comes, such as:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

How To Spend Quality Time to Save Your Relationship

Spending quality time with your partner is one of the most important steps to keeping the romance and peace in any relationship. You can compare quality time and money.

The more you store up the larger the rewards.

Many don't know how to spend time with their partner in a relationships. I hate to tell you but there is a strategy to this also. I know, this is news to you. But learning what to do now will enable you to avoid conflict in your relationship later.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Dating After Death Of A Loved One

It's common to reach a point when you want to start dating after death of a loved one. It's only human nature to want to be loved and needed. Take plenty of time to mourn your loss before you start dating after death of  a loved one. Many try to dull the pain by getting back into the dating game too soon.

 Rushing into a romantic situation doesn't help get past the pain, it only causes you to begin an unhealthy relationship. Going back into the dating pool only dulls the pain temporarily.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

5 Dating Tips For Lonely Women That Are Ready to Get Back In the Dating Game

I understand how working school and life can get in the way of romance and getting dating advice for women can seem like a losers way to go. But on the contrary. Can imagine getting your job and being successful without the training that your received? Of course not so how can you expect to go out in the world and have a great relationship or meet new people and be successful?

In my opinion I believe we take for granted the most important connections we make; we don't think we need help or advice but wonder what went wrong. We have been wrong for so long. This is why there are so many successful reality show to prove my theory. Just imagine if we took relationship classes in high school and college. Those shows would not be so  successful!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How To Attract Attractive Women in 6 Steps

To have outrageous success learning how to attract very attractive women, you'll need to speak their language.  How to attract women takes the right material to educate you on such a cryptic matter.

After you've deciphered the inner workings of the female mind, you'll totally light up her attraction circuitry right under her radar.

How To Attract Women Instructions

Learn what the masters of seduction know so you can go forth and conquer!

It's a given in the dating scene that attractive women naturally align themselves with guys who occupy a higher place on the proverbial food chain.  These guys are typically referred to as the ALPHA MALES.

As you probably know, they lord over other men and just smack of social value, which is like Kryptonite to an AFC.  The PUA on the other hand has it running through his veins.

This type of man is looked up to by many, and all the women in the immediate area are irresistibly drawn to him.  What's ironic is that your veritable "top dog" doesn't necessarily have the looks of a celebrity, the body of a weightlifter, or the wealth of a CEO.

Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Attract the Most Beautiful Women Like The Bad Boys

Like many women I grew up attracted to the bad boys. I realized once I was older that the main thing that kept good guys from getting my attention was that they didn't know how to talk to a women. The bad boys practiced everyday all day everywhere they when. Of course they knew how to attract women; they have become pros.

The good boys now grew up and have become financially better off and still lose the girl now wife to the bad boys which are now working for the good boy. How many times have you heard about the nice man with the wife cheating behind his back.

Firstly every women wants to be listened to and made to feel sexy and important. Know amount of success can buy the feeling of feeling sexy by her man.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stop Listening to Your Girlfriends – Here’s What You Need to do to Get Him Back

Cuddling and talking with your man while enjoying free time is a far cry from a month ago when all you could do is cry about your breakup.

You listened to your friends advice that drove your man away and never knew what hit you. 

Discover how real relationship advice can help you avoid unnecessary drama and have your love attentively listening to your every words like a love sick puppy.

 You know your girlfriends have your back. But, when it comes to tactics to get your ex back, they just may be steering you in the wrong direction. 

As well being as your friends may be; they can be hurting your chances of relationship success.

Getting dumped by a man you still love is one of the most devastating things a girl can go through. When it’s all said and done, you have one thought on your mind – getting him back.

The feeling that we experience after a breakup is a good enough reason to invest in learning how to manage future relationship with ease. 

We are not taught  how to be in a relationship in school but we are taught how to conduct ourselves at dinner and job interviews. No wonder we have more breakups than jobs!

Why You Should Get Relationship Advice You Can Trust

  • Statistics show that there are more electronic breakups that ever before.
  • People without knowledge of relationship ethics end up repeating the same mistakes over and over again; repeating breakup cycles.
  • Learn how to communicate emotions.
  • Learn how to effectively resolve and avoid conflicts.
  • Enjoy pressure free relationship.

3 Step To Getting What You Want

1) Never let him see you coming. Your number one priority right now is to get him back. That means you have to dedicate yourself to the task. But, you have to do it in a way that doesn't look like you’re trying to get him back. Don’t show your hands because he’ll constantly be watching and waiting for you to make your move. 2) Show the world you've moved on. This includes your girlfriends. Smile. Go out and join the crowd. Fake it until you have everyone convinced that you truly have moved on. 3) Let him know you've got game. All the time that you’re trying to show everyone you've moved on, you need to invest in making yourself over from the inside out.

Get a makeover. Change your hair style. Learn to walk in those six-inch heels guys love so much. Become confident in your own skin. Once you've accomplished all this – then you let him see you coming and watch the fireworks as he takes in the new you. 

Why is this so Effective?

In relationships, you often begin to take each other for granted. The more you learn about each other, the fewer mysteries there are to uncover. You’re presenting him with a whole new you and many more mysteries to unlock. 

It’s a curious mystery he’s powerless to resist – especially if there ever were genuine feelings on his part. And your girlfriends? They should love you regardless of whether you take their advice or not.

How badly do you want to get your relationship back on track? Become confident with the knowledge to fix your broken relationship now. Learn more and leave your worries behind.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fix Your Relationship Now

Is Your Relationship Falling Apart?

     Learn How You Can Fix Your Relationship and Stop Sleepless Nights!!

It time for you to get in control. Learn how to fix your relationship and correct some bad mistakes before you get into more trouble. If you really want to know how to avoid a fight and talk about anything on your mind, this book is for you! 

You can learn exactly what to say and when to say it while getting your point across. You once knew how to attract your love, you can do it again.You will be able to change your partners mind about you and see you through new eyes.

Benefits to Getting Magic of Making Up Advice

  • Make up letter that works magic on opening the lines of communication.
  • Strategies to make your love listen and take you serious.
  • Strategies to start conversations that show you care.
  • Step by Step instructions to relationship communication. 

Let's face it, we all can use help like this! I wish I knew about this book years ago when I made some awful blunders! Click on the book and listen to what this relationship guru has to say. I call him a guru but he is really a sweet regular guy that is very talented in this area. Getting a males point of view has been very refreshing for me and I know you will enjoy him and his advice also.

The Magic of Making up has already fixed relationships for thousands of people all over the world. The author T  W Jackson a United States veteran that has seen the world. He is a great father and husband that has chose to help others understand from a mans perspective how to keep peace in a relationship.

He understands women in a way that is very refreshing. If a man or woman does not know what to do or say to save a relationship and was never taught how to talk to a woman you can view TJ has your big brother, father,mentor, or personal counselor to get you out of relationship conflicts you thought were useless.

The Method
Mr Jackson shows you step by step instructions through videos to allow you to understand thoroughly every step you must take and why to get your relationship back on target. He tells you exactly what to say and why to defuse all situation that could tear a relationship apart slowly or fast.

What really makes the books so valuable is how much support T.W. Jackson offers to everyone. You can send him mail to his home address if you need any extra help. Save My Relationship.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How To Fix A Relationship

So sorry if you’re here you are probably having problems saving your relationship. There is no doubt that you will suffer greatly if your relationship should fail. 

I know what a frustrating time you may be having. I and many have experienced the same or similar feelings when trying to save a relationship.

I remember a time in my past relationship when I had a big misunderstanding with my boy friend and thought that the problem would disappear if I ignored it.

We became more distant and grew apart. He later said that things were not working out and moved on. I felt helpless and wanted to prevent the same thing from happening in future relationships.

I was always concerned about relationship issues but never knew how to avoid or handle them with care until now. I learned how to fix a relationship before it needed saving. 

How to Fix a Relationship By Avoiding Relationship Conflicts

  • Always keep eye contact when talking or you will be though of as being uninterested and not caring.
  • Never say "It's your fault". Placing blame will make a person not emotionally trust you or shut down.
  • Always call or give notice when you  have to break a promise. This shows you care.

I not only saved my dying relationship 6 months later, got engaged and are helping friends in their relationship.
This is really not about getting your ex back but about how to be in a relationship with the knowledge and skills to act accordingly to disappointments and misunderstanding that can hurt and end our relationships.

Those of us that have already made a mess of things need helpful relationship advice now to fix your relationship before we breakup or we want to get back together after a breakup. Either way we need real help we could use now.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How To Save Your Marriage From Emotional Abuse - Fix a Marriage Now

It is possible to find out how to save your marriage and reunite as a couple before enough is enough.There's no surprise you are  here if your having  verbal abuse issues in your relationship and you don't understand how to fix your marriage. Growing apart happens gradually and takes great effort to reverse the adverse affects. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Discover The Magic of Making Up - Strategies For Effective Communication

Need help communicating? Talking can become easier and more effective. Communicating with care is very important. It's uncomfortable when you know you are tearing your own relationship apart by saying the wrong things.

Being here means you are serious about establishing a  healthy relationship with someone very special to you. 

Relationships have to be worked on everyday to maintain trust and passion. You can not do this without knowing the right things to say.

You can learn how to change the fate of your relationship with the right communication. Without the proper strategies to communicate effectively in a relationship, you will miss out on the loving sensual and trusting relationship you deserve. 

You can't possibly know when you are messing up without first learning effective communication strategies that prevent misunderstandings in a relationship; there's more... Watch this video now.

Why is Communication Important In A Relationship?

Communication in a relationship is very important in a couples growth in love and life. Without the needed communication a couple can and will grow apart and lose the passion and trust that is needed for a healthy long term relationship.

5 Effective Communication Tips In a Relationship

  1. When you speak to your partner, be sure to listen twice as much and respond respectfully.
  2. Never stand your partner up or don't do what you said you would do without calling in advance out of consideration to maintain trust in the relationship.
  3. Never address a disagreement on an empty stomach, angry or when one partner is in a rush.
  4. Set a certain time of the week to talk over concerns and to update partner on new events; especially those that effect the family.
  5. Tell your partner how you feel about them and why they are important to you. Reassurance adds comfort, security and deters assumptions.