Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why It's So Hard For You To Find The Right Date - How To Develop Your Self Esteem

I found this post that receive 52 ups in agreement. "Rejected by your own kind" I don't care what color you are and I understand people that want to stay within their own race or date outside.

But please... examine your self worth which reflect your self esteem issues and why you are having a tough time finding someone, before deciding who is your own kind. I'm sorry but color is not enough to build a foundation of a good relationship on... I'm just saying. Soon I will show you how to turn this around.

Why Am I This Way? Learn What Makes You Different From Others

Have you ever looked at your partner, family, neighbor or even a random person on the street and wondered why they are so different? Do you ever wonder why some people have a short temper, or demanding and aggressive, while others are more easygoing relaxed and slow-paced. 

Do you ever look in the mirror and think, why am I like this?
If you answered NO to all these questions then what I’m going to tell you next is nothing for you, otherwise

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Relationship Advice For Men: 3 Relationship Killers You May Be Guilty Of

After talking to countless women and some personal experience, I realize that some men just don't have a clue to keeping their woman happy outside the bedroom and sometime inside the bedroom. They drop the ball from bad timing, lack of foreplay to hygiene issues. Of course this can go for women too, but I'm talking to the men for now.

I will not insult you by spending to much time on the obvious red flags but here we go... Red flags are the opposite of foreplay; when they exist, breakups, cheating and arguments are sure to follow. If you don't have a clue you may be wondering why your mate left, isn't in the mood or wonder why sex isn't the same.