Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why It's So Hard For You To Find The Right Date - How To Develop Your Self Esteem

I found this post that receive 52 ups in agreement. "Rejected by your own kind" I don't care what color you are and I understand people that want to stay within their own race or date outside.

But please... examine your self worth which reflect your self esteem issues and why you are having a tough time finding someone, before deciding who is your own kind. I'm sorry but color is not enough to build a foundation of a good relationship on... I'm just saying. Soon I will show you how to turn this around.

In my personal opinion if you are actively looking to be in a relationship you may be unintentionally coming off as desperate. 

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Courtesy of Madamenoire

OK , I'm expecting the emails. LOL. But hear me out....Why are people most attractive to you when you are in a relationship? Exactly!! You are more  confident and not overly aggressive in your actions.  

I humbly ask you to love yourself and learn to be satisfied  with the person you are, before becoming ready to start dating again. Not hunting haphazardly for your next mate.

How To Develop Self Esteem

Read or take classes and become knowledgeable and interesting , enabling you to hold conversations with confidence and self worth.

All people are attractive to those that can hold their own. It doesn't matter who you are, learn something new every 6 months or so, take online classes ( to busy yourself instead of waiting for the phone to rang. 

In real relationships you can't define how important you are by how people spend time occupying you; this is not realistic. Be interesting and you will attract interesting people. 

If you would just rather eat out and watch movies, that's fine too at least you know what you want to do. But learn how to cook your favorite dishes, take cooking classes,go to movie review and join movie clubs! 

Make what you like an awesome experience which will improve your self esteem, having you meeting interesting people and putting you in control and full of confidence and high self esteem. 

You can make what ever you do in life interesting by improving yourself and you will be around other people that are similar and like and admire the person you have become. You will also have a much better choice  when it comes to meeting people that you wouldn't mind dating.

I hope this make sense. If not tell me what you think, I want to know:0