Friday, August 17, 2012

Saving A Relationship By Bringing Back Communcation, Passion And Hot Sex

Get back the sizzle and saving your relationship before it's too late.There are many relationships that start off all hot and sexual. 

We have been conditioned to think that we must have this burning desire around the clock to be happy in a relationship. But after the sex you should have compatibility in other areas.  

During the times when you are not well, pregnancy or hardships a new or long term relationship is challenged when their is no mutual respect and commonality.

Learn how to save a relationship before trying times such as when people lose the romance and sexual desire they once had. After all it is not sexy watching you mate giving birth.creditors calling,weight loss/gain or going bald during an illness are not sexy and if you are prepared for these issues you can break up or have your marriage end in divorce. 

But this is real life and we have to be proactive about saving our relationships from failing from real life experiences that will seem ridiculous years later.

Romance comes from the passion you feel for your mate. When you support each other during rough times the passion that allows you to comfort and take care of your partner allows you to enjoy the hot passionate sexy when the time is right. You have to consider what makes a person feel desirable.

A person feels desirable when they are loved and cherished. When this feeling is mutual it is no problem to have a romantic dinner end up with passionate love making. The type of love making that happens when you have passion for your partner is like no other. You are really just a virgin if you thing that the wild sex you have with someone is the same when a person that has passion for you make love to you.

I understand you can feel some of the same things in sex except you end up with a pretend allusion that the other party gives a da*m or it is love. Either way it does not last and leaves you feeling used or alone. 

Real passion is lasting because it comes from a stronger foundation giving you the benefit of forgiveness when mistakes are made. Which leads to better sex and stronger bond.

What Is Romance?

Romance is when you: 

  • Dry off your partner without asking for sex
  • Taking turns massaging each others pains away.
  • Fixing dinner when your home first.
  • Planned date for spouse.
  • Praise for job well done.
  • Sincere compliments
  • Walking and holding hands.
  • Sexy looks from across the room.
  • Taking time to know your mate

  • What Is Love?

    Love is the unconditional sacrifice and desire for the happiness of another. A person that loves cares about a person inside and out, through the good and bad.

    If you want to get the romance and passion back into your relationship. You have to be romantic and give passionately. That means  becoming involved with your partner the same way you get involved with a new project. Learn all you can learn about saving a relationship from falling apart.

    Your partner is your project for life. Pick up The Magic Of Making Up for learning how to communicate and saving a relationship. Good Luck!