Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3 Tips To Avoid A fight with Your Spouse

Getting along with your partner, avoiding a fight and keeping peace is not always easy to do. I know how it feels to have misunderstanding and disagreements that start because of talking at the wrong time or saying the wrong things.

There are simple ways to know how to talk about important issues and say the right things at the right time without it turning into a full blown fight.

When you hold your tongue about real issues that have been bothering you it can come  out at the wrong time and ruin a perfectly good day. Below are some tips to help you avoid a big unnecessary fight.

3 Tips On How To Talk About Important Issues And Avoid A Fight With Your Spouse

  1. Wait until everyone is well rested and not rushing or hungry.
  2. Set a certain time to relax and talk about family concerns  and events once a week.
  3. Never talk when angry or hungry. Agree to wait for a calm time to talk or set boundaries when discussing upsetting issues. exp: no yelling, profanity or blaming.

Remember in a partnership there are no winners in an argument. But when you can effectively work out your problems together you will become closer and more open about your concerns with your partner and your love life will begin to sizzle! Learn more great communication tips and learn exactly what to say and when.