Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Getting A Girlfriend Back When You Don't Know What Else To Do

If you have just had a break up and want to get your girlfriend back and don’t know what to do, you may be feeling helpless and anxious right now. When you are in the middle of a breakup and the embarrassing pain is exposed it leave us in a very vulnerable state that can force us to say some pretty ugly things. 

If you are the reason for the break up and have been confronted, you probably got on the defensive and tried to make your girl the reason for your misdeeds. 

Of course you know this is wrong even if it seems to work at the time you are still breaking up. Guilt only last for a moment. Either way you are losing your girl.Stop all the craziness right now before you lose your girl forever!

If you want your ex back you will first have to clear the air about your wrong doing and genuinely want to talk things over and make it right. You also have to give your ex some space to thing and calm down without the pressure of you begging and text stalking. This will only make things worse by confirming that you are a total jerk.

What Not To Do To Get A Girlfriend Back
  1. If you want to win back your ex you will have to:
  2.  Stop all negative contact such as stalking texting and calling.
  3.  Showing up unannounced at her workplace or home.
  4.  Forced conversations and space invasion.
  5. Blaming, accusing and accusations.
  6. Using guilt as a tool.

Winning your ex back will take much more than begging if you are serious about getting back together with your ex. You have to first get it out of your head that this is still your girlfriend. Then you will see that she is not yours and except the fact that you have to do what is necessary for her to make the choice to take you back. A relationship is when a couple of people want to be together by their own choice.

How To Get The First Call And Not Blow It!
If you are using pressure to keep your relationship together you have already lost to the future great guy that offers a choice by saying and doing the right things. Let's first get your mind right before you pursue your ex.
  1. Join a new club, gym or take a class in something you always wanted to do. This will give you something interesting to talk about and make your ex see that you are really ready to change for the better.
  2. Leave a message to your ex saying that they were right and you want to thank them. This will cause them to be curious and drop their defense. You will receive a call or visit soon, if not call for coffee in a few days.
  3. When they call or come to you remain calm and friendly. Keep this meeting very brief and ask for a few minutes  (10 minutes the longest) to talk. Do not talk longer even if you want to, this will prevent you from going back into the argument that is still fresh in your minds.
  4.  Never ask if they are dating. It doesn't matter you want to let your ex chose you and not put her on the defensive. We all know that rebound relationships are only to make us jealous anyway. Don’t let jealousy blow your chances of getting your ex back.

You are now on your way to making some better decisions when dealing with your ex. I hope you seriously relax and take time to do something for yourself. Thinking about a breakup all of the time can make us do crazy things you can’t take back. You want to avoid any negative behavior that will cause you to lose your ex forever. 

WARNING: If you’re having a terrible time trying to get your ex girlfriend back and is stalking and using intimidation you need another kind of help and are not ready to be in a healthy relationship. 

If you want to get help that works and don’t know what to say to your ex when you meet, get credible effective communication strategies that will put you in the good graces and get your ex girl back. Good Luck!