Friday, September 7, 2012

10 Effective Ways To Save Your Marriage

As you read further into this article you will find some ways to save your marriage . Remember when looking at such an article was unthinkable?  Remember when things were more simple and people just stopped talking? 

It seem like people are more savvy and understand that prevention is what saves a marriage and knowledge is what will fix a relationship

 How get help with your marriage when you and your mate don’t seem to even know each other anymore? Many marriages  lose its meaning when the children grow up or the bills and economics cause unreasonable pressure in the household.  If your marriage wasn't important to you; you would not be reading this right now. But here you are…

If you want fix your marriage work you first must be sure your mate is on the same page. It will take you both to commit to learning how to say your marriage and growing closer together.

10 Ways To Saving Your Marriage

1. Make a joint commitment to work on your relationship. Making a serious effort to work on your relationship will make your spouse see how important the marriage really is.

2. Always call if you have to break a promise.

3. Never make promises you cannot keep.

4. Make scheduled times to listen and communicate feelings without being judgmental.

5. Make separate list of concerns, problems, and good points.

6. Using guilt as a tool is another way to end positive communication. Remember it’s about solutions.

7. Learn something new together or read the same books and talk about it later.

8. You as a couple write a letter to each other about why your relationship is important and worth fighting for. This topic will renew the reasons you fell in love in the first place.

9. Most importantly get some marriage counseling online or in person.

10. Just do it! Have an affair and date your spouse. Try new things and visit new places.

You will be surprised to find out your spouse had no clue about your feelings or the fact that you have been annoyed with their not so cute habits. 

Agree to never use blaming, accusing and accusations in your conversations. Remember having a great relationship takes work and effort. We were not handed down a book to prepare us for future relationships.

We learned by trial and error. Learn on purpose how to build a stronger relationship and fix marriage conflicts effectively. You will acquire great results just like others by getting your own marriage course today.