Saturday, October 5, 2013

How To Spend Quality Time to Save Your Relationship

Spending quality time with your partner is one of the most important steps to keeping the romance and peace in any relationship. You can compare quality time and money.

The more you store up the larger the rewards.

Many don't know how to spend time with their partner in a relationships. I hate to tell you but there is a strategy to this also. I know, this is news to you. But learning what to do now will enable you to avoid conflict in your relationship later.

But think about the married couples that have survived in their marriage for years. They will be the first to say they learned the hard way. Trial and Error.


Why Spend Quality Time To Save Your Relationship Or Marriage?

There are some ground rules to spending quality time, especially the married couples. You have to set aside time to spend with your love that they can look forward to. I want to add that this time can not include other people.

This is called quality time,when only you two get to learn what your needs are and cement your bond. This time is very important if you want to avoid conflicts and prevent possible conflicts.


How To Plan Quality Time To Save Your Relationship Or Marriage.

Choose a time for each Quality Time Slot that is dedicated for a specific purpose. For instance you can spend 45 minutes every Monday afternoon to go over and concerns.

Pick a time that is best for both of you. This will be a strong message that you both care about your relationship. Having a romantic time set aside that you can look forward too give a couple something to look forward too. Who can resist a relationship that's never boring and interactive?
  • Time to go over any problems or concerns. (45+min weekly)
  • Time to make plans for exciting fun stuff. (45min weekly)
  • Time for fun without the planning.(Off Day/Evening Weekly)
When you allow time to make plans for your partner you will assure yourself a wonderful long romantic relationship. Making plans and repeating back to one another allows less room for misunderstandings.

Quality time has to be in your plans to help a relationship run smoothly. Without them you could have difficulties that could be avoided.

For instance going on a simple picnic without a plan will have you both jumping in the car thinking the food and destination is the responsibility of the other.

I know we all may have gone to the movies at the last minute before knowing what the other person will not ever see or pay for! Learning how to spend quality time with a plan will save your relationship/marriage and have it blossom into something amazing.