Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How To Get Your Man To Clean Up After Themselves

I don't know why a man doesn't want to be treated like a child but wants you to clean after them as if you are their mother! I suggest you set guideline before you begin to live together but if your reading this....well it's too late for that.

Set up an establish favor for your spouse to do for you in exchange for you cleaning up a mess he created. Make him pay for your gas, nails etc every week for payment. If he thinks you are the maid you might as well get paid for it.

Let's face it if men have what ever they need in their home keeping it clean is not a priority. They have sex, food and a roof. Nothing else seems to matter to them. If these things matter to you, you will have to affect the things that matter to him....Food, sex and roof!

I know that kicking your spouse to the curb is rash but after twenty years of the same thing why do you think relationships fail? It's because some become sick of being sick and tired. Explain to your mate that you don't want this for your relationship. For more communication advice to learn how to talk to your big baby look over this review.

How To Avoid Conflicts

  • Explain in a calm voice and relaxed time the problem.
  • Reward good behavior with sexy compliment or.........
  • Take turns cleaning.
  • Share cleaning activities.
  • withhold sex.
  • negotiate sex
  • In short stop helping when he does..

I hate to get trifling like he is but bring his mess to his special area as a hint to get it together, he will get sick of it. Ask him why he finds it so hard to adjust to sharing space with another person and if it is his way of telling you he doesn't want you there. I know that sounds crazy but telling him how his mess makes you feel is something he can not argue with.

If this behavior doesn't change you may have to change spouses or except the inevitable. (a messy home)!