Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Save A Failing Marriage When You Don't Know What Else To Do

How to save your marriage, when you realize one day that your marriage is really failing? How do you pull it back together when you and your mate don’t seem to even know each other anymore? 

Many marriages lose its meaning when the children grow up or the bills and economics cause unreasonable pressure in the household.  If your marriage wasn’t important to you; you would not be reading this right now. But here you are…

If you want to make your marriage work you first want to be sure your mate is on the same page. It will take you both to fight and commit to growing closer together.

How to Save A Broken Marriage

If you want to save your marriage you have to:
  1. Make a joint commitment to work on your marriage. Making a serious effort to work on your marriage will make your spouse see how important the marriage really is.
  2. Never make promises you can not keep and always call if you have to break a promise.
  3. Make schedule time to listen and communicate feelings without being judgmental. It is best to make appointments when you and your spouse have time and not angry.
  4. Make separate list of concerns, problems, and good points. You will be surprised when you find out your spouse had no clue about your feeling or how you were doing something that always annoyed your spouse.
  5. Agree to never use blaming, accusing and accusations in your conversations. Words like you and if you in the beginning of a sentence can end you up in the dog house and close the door to further communication.
  6.  Using guilt as a tool is another way to end positive communication. Remember it’s about solutions.
  7.  Learn something new together or read the same books and talk about it later. Doing activities together will give you something to talk about and give you time to re bond with one another.
  8.  You as a couple write a letter to each other about why your marriage is important and worth fighting for. This topic will renew the reasons you fell in love in the first place.
  9.  Most importantly get some relationship advice in person or online. Making the commitment to enhance and rebuild your marriage can be the best journey you have ever taking.
  10. Just do it! Have an affair and date your spouse. Try new things and visit new places.

You are now on your way to making some better decisions when dealing with your spouse. I hope you seriously relax and take time to do something for yourself also everyone needs time to themselves as well as having something new to talk about with your partner as well as giving them time to themselves.

I know reading this sounds like getting your marriage back on target is easy but you have already done the hardest part, realizing you need help. Get some help as a couple today rather seeking a marriage counselor or ordering a reputable relationship course and save your marriage. Good Luck!